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 More than a Hyaluronic acid

More than a Hyaluronic acid

Would it be possible for a natural ingredient to relieves joint discomfort and still improves mobility?

Of course!

Mobilee is a natural ingredient that has hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides in its composition, such as chondroitin sulfate and dermatan sulfate, and collagen, with hyaluronic acid being the highest concentration.

It has technical-scientific documentation evaluated and approved by ANVISA as a bioactive substance, endorsing its safety of use.

The composition contains substances that are physiologically responsible for providing stability to cellular and organic structures, capable of preventing cells and tissues from losing liquid. As a consequence, a powerful lubricating effect on the joints.

Half of the hyaluronic acid present in the human body is found in the skin (dermis and epidermis), and is not available for other needs that the human body may have. Important reason for its maintenance to be performed through supplementation.

Mobilee, in addition to being considered a source of hyaluronic acid and having other bioactive compounds, has the ability to endogenously stimulate hyaluronic acid, which helps to supply the natural decline.

Based on the principle that the maintenance of joints is extremely important for the reduction of discomfort and mobility, and that hyaluronic acid has its serum levels decreased over the years and even its highest concentration available is not for the joints, it can be identify a loto f conditions where Mobilee becomes indispensable.

For example, better age, menopause, joint quality for physical activity, orthopedic maintenance.

Through isokinetic evaluation (muscle analysis with the objective of identifying imbalances that can cause damage to the muscles, either in strength or function) carried out in a nutritional study it was possible to confirm that 3 months of oral administration of Mobilee in healthy individuals with discomfort in the joints of the knee provided improvements in muscle strength.

Its approved daily dose of 80mg demonstrates all the properties capable of providing the best possible maintenance of the joints.



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