NEM™: the bioactive synergy at your reach!

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 NEM™: the bioactive synergy at your reach!

NEM™: the bioactive synergy at your reach!

We are delighted to announce one more Ayalla’s achievement in the ingredients field in Brazil: it is NEM™! In January 2021, Anvisa approved the safety and efficacy of this ingredient as a bioactive substance authorized for use in food supplements.

What is NEM™? NEM™ is a bioactive compound manufactured from natural eggshell membrane. In the next paragraphs, we will explain the potential of this ingredient.

In the manufacturing process of NEM™ the eggshell membrane is separated, submitted to drying, milling process, heat treatment and partial hydrolyze, it results in a powder product, completely safe to consumption and nutritionally rich.

NEM™ is composed by around 47-62% of proteins, in addition, it naturally contains bioactive substances as hyaluronic acid, sulfated glycosaminoglycans, and collagen. The product is recommended to adults from 19 years old, with minimum dosage of 500mg/day and maximum of 1200mg.

But which are the function of each of these bioactive substances in our organism?

  • Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide existent in cellular matrix that plays functions related to biomechanical homeostasis, as lubrification of the joints and tissue repair, furthermore, it reinforces the connective tissue, joints and skin, duo to the ability of supporting and space-fill tissues.
  • The sulfated glycosaminoglycans are also polysaccharides in the cellular matrix, with important structural function, they provide stability and support to the cellular and fibrous components of the tissues and organs.
  • Collagen is a protein consisting in chains of amino acids synthesized by the organism and for those that we need to consume by foods (non-essential and essential amino acids, respectively). Type I collagen is the best studied collagen, it is the main constituent of tendons, skin, ligaments, cornea, and many interstitial connective tissues, furthermore, it plays roles in tissue repair.

These three bioactive substances have crucial actions in the good functioning of the organism, mainly of the joints, so, the inclusion of NEM™ to your eating habits is an excellent alternative to support the construction of tissues, also, in resistance and elasticity of the joints, which associated to a healthful lifestyle may increase your quality of life! Enjoy of this bioactive synergy with NEM™.


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