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 LEVAGEN®: The innovation waited by your organism

Levagen® is a new bioactive compound, whose key ingredient is the palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), that is responsible to the product range of actions in body. Great, but what is palmitoylethanolamide?

Palmitoylethanolamide (that we will address as PEA from here, to simplify) is a fatty acid natural constituent of lipids (fats). PEA may be produced and metabolize by human and animal, also it is present in plants.

In humans, PEA is produced from palmitic acid, a fatty acid present in foods as palm oil, meat, cheese, butter and dairy products.

As a lipid derivative, PEA functions are related to metabolic and cellular equilibrium, for example, membranes composition, provides energy, thermic isolation, transport of fat-soluble substances. Furthermore, as an endocannabinoid – neural messenger released by postsynaptic neurons to restrict classical neurotransmitter release –, other important PEA support to the body are described on scientific research, as in pain management, humor moderation, in inflammatory process.

PEA was discovered more than 60 years ago, as a biologically active nutrient in egg yolks, soybean lecithin. Since then, Science and technology has been advanced and PEA application became multiple, in European and North American markets, for example, products from PEA can be founded in nutraceutical food supplements, as well in veterinary medicine.

Ok, what about Brazil? We are happy to announce that is available in Brazil the first product from PEA approved by Anvisa as a safe constituent. Levagen®, the innovation that you have been waiting, with benefits that your body thanks!


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